Why Are Female Authors Less Recognized?

So I know I’ve been busy lately and haven’t been publishing reviews all that much. I’m remedying that now, as I’ve got 3 books I’m reading concurrently. On Twitter (@aliverse) I’m trying to catch up with what’s happening in the literary world and other bloggers. What I came across this morning was just mind-blowing to me. Almost disgusting, really.

Go ahead and take a look at this link:


Notice anything ridiculously off? Say…maybe the numbers of females versus males who were reviewed, read, written about, etc? That is why March is now my Women Writers month. My aim is to review 2-3 books a week during March, all written by female authors.

Women write and they’re talented at the profession. Why, then, are they ignored? Why would The New Yorker, New York Times, The Atlantic, etc. favor men over women when it comes to their books? I can’t even begin to guess. What I can do, is take part in an effort to give women writers more visibility.

So please get ready for March here at the Aliverse. I don’t ignore female authors. (maybe in part because I am one) I don’t pull punches either. You can expect full and honest reviews, including the good and the bad. A list of all the upcoming books and their authors will be up here by the end of the week.

Stay tuned!

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